One Year Experience

Lead the movement

Build your foundation

The Program

The BASIC One Year Experience™ is a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge of the Bible, spend extra time with God, and engage in college ministry. It is for young adults who want to devote a year to God for college ministry and discipleship. You can attend before, during, or after college. For personal growth, you take several classes at Elim Bible Institute to build a rock-solid biblical foundation, such as:

Evangelism in a postmodern world
Theology I
Marriage & the family

You also work alongside the BASIC crew on a daily basis. This includes traveling across the Northeast to minister at different campuses, leading a missions trip to NYC, planning the BASIC conference each semester, and organizing outreaches. Some students want to spend a year focused on reaching their peers for Christ before starting a career. Others want to experiment with a year of ministry before pursuing full-time ministry or missions work. You can even do the OYX™ in conjunction with your college to fulfill internship requirements.

The Cost

The cost of the One Year Experience is $9,900 paid in installments. This covers everything you’ll need including tuition, lodging, a meal plan, textbooks, ministry expenses, and a travel stipend for gas and food on the go. The good news is that people want to help you minister to college students, and they are willing to sponsor you! We teach you everything you need to know so that you can attend the OYX with very little money out of pocket.

The Next Step

To apply for the One Year Experience™, please download and fill out the OYX™ Application and send it to: BASIC College Ministries P.O. Box 9A Lima, NY 14485