So, you want to change a campus?

Cool, so do we.


Partner with BASIC and a Campus Planter for two years to plant a new BASIC chapter on a local campus

Provide resources and financial support to host a Campus Planter for two years

Provide a person in your church who can volunteer their time to work with and be trained by the Campus Planter

Give students opportunities to get involved in various ministries at your church

Start a legacy by establishing a fully functioning BASIC chapter that will impact generations of students to come

What does it mean to be a sponsoring church?

We’re looking for churches that:



Desire to reach college students and young adults

Prioritize raising up and discipling the next generation

Love people and building relationships

Are willing to make a two year commitment to hosting a Campus Planter

Can provide a volunteer to work with and be trained by the Campus Planter

Are within a 30 minutes drive from a local college campus

What to Expect

By Mid March

Fill out an application to work with a Campus Planter


Get assigned a Planter and start connecting over summer


Have a volunteer advisor in training secured

Mid August

Planter reports and reaching the campus begins

What Pastors Say About Us

“BASIC is just a small part of our budget, but it has a big impact on our church…The BASIC group has provided a steady influx of college students to our church body. They have a positive influence on our young people, and their enthusiasm encourages our older members.”

– Pastor Ron Burgio, Love Joy Church

“Since 1981, our friends at BASIC have provided vision and practical tools to help our church reach out to the local campuses. The BASIC conferences have been a fantastic experience for students; they have consistently encouraged their love and devotion for Christ.”

– Pastor Rick Sinclair, Christian Fellowship Center

Get started in 3 steps

Fill out the Campus Planters Church Application and send it in

Wait for someone from BASIC to follow up with you

Find someone in your church to serve as the advisor in training


The Campus Planter program is funded in a combination of ways. Each Campus Planter will be trained on how to raise their own funding as a domestic missionary and will be required to raise $1000 in monthly support. The sponsoring church will commit to $500-1000 in monthly support to the Planter as well. We will work with the church to determine the exact amount based on the cost of living in your area.

The job of Campus Planter is a part-time (at least 20 hours per week) position, so if the Planter needs more money to cover their living expenses they are free to find a second part-time job with the expectation that their work as a Campus Planter will still be their primary job.

Yes. Our staff will work to pair a sponsoring church and Campus Planter as effectively as possible, but we will also take into account any preferences that you share with us. After you have been assigned a Planter you can begin connecting with them over the summer and communicate with us before they report if you don’t think it will be a good fit.

Right now the Campus Planters program is brand new and we are launching this summer in the Rochester, NY area. In the future, we are planning to open this program up to interested churches anywhere in the United States, but we will most likely begin by focusing on the Northeast. Even if you’re not in the Northeast you can feel free to contact us any time or fill out an application. We’re always looking for new opportunities to partner with churches!

Even if the senior pastor won’t be the person that the Campus Planter reports to directly, we prefer the senior pastor to be involved at the beginning of this process. We have found that pioneering a new campus ministry is most successful when working with churches where the passion for reaching college students is important to the senior pastor.

This may entail filling out the sponsoring church application, joining in on phone, video, or in-person planning meetings, and securing the volunteer from your church who will work with the Planter. Once we’ve gone through the initial setup of the program and the Planter has reported to work with your church, then the senior pastor won’t need to be as involved provided that the Planter has someone else on the church staff who is their main overseer.

The volunteer from your church is someone who will give their time to work with the Campus Planter in pioneering the group and, through training, eventually assume leadership of the ministry as the church advisor. A church advisor is someone selected by a local church to minister and give direction to a BASIC group. The advisor is critical to the success of a BASIC group since he or she provides leadership, stability, and care for the group.

There is no mold for what this volunteer church advisor should look like. Successful advisors have been male, female, single, married, young adults, and empty-nesters. The important qualities are a burden and vision for reaching college students for Christ, and a willingness to put in the energy and time required. Ideally, this person would be able to make at least a 3-4 year commitment. However, we realize that sudden and unexpected life changes can occur, so we will not hold your church or the volunteer to that commitment if something comes up.

Oversight of the Campus Planter will be a partnership between the sponsoring church and BASIC. We will provide training, coaching, and some care from our offices. The church will provide additional care through helping the Planter make connections, form relationships, and regular communication.