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Give $25

Buy coffee for 10 discipleship sessions with students in a campus bookstore.


Give $50

Fill the BASIC van up with a tank of gas & send up to 12 people on a ministry trip.


Give $100

Invite over 2,500 students to a BASIC meeting through personally handed out postcards.


Give $250

Fund the making of a 15 minute video sermon that will reach dozens of campuses every week.

Safe & Secure To keep your information secure, we utilize EasyTithe. They use industry-leading technology like SSL protocol with an encryption key length of 256-bits to maintain safety.

Tax-deductible BASIC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, which means all donations are tax-deductible.

Low Overhead We take pride in the fact that we stretch every dollar as far as it will go. Your donation directly helps with ministry expenses. When you give you can designate where the funds will go.

Make a Difference This ministry can’t operate without generous people like you. Thank you for your help.

Additional info about online giving can be found in the Terms & Conditions. We’d love to assist you if you have any questions.