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BASIC is just a small part of our budget, but it has a big impact on our church…The BASIC group has provided a steady influx of college students to our church body. They have a positive influence on our young people, and their enthusiasm encourages our older members. Pastor Ron Burgio, Love Joy Church

Targeting college students is smart

Historically, many major religious and political movements—both good and bad—start on university campuses

According to a number of recent studies, three out of every four Christian students who attend a public university fall away from their faith in less than one semester

College students are more likely than other age groups to be searching for truth and the meaning of our lives

There is a trend for twenty-somethings to disengage from the church; they are less likely than any other age group to believe “a person’s faith in God is meant to be developed by involvement in a local church”

There are approximately 700,000 international students studying in the United States, and over half are from the 10/40 window

Only 10% of Christians come to Christ after the age of 25, so we have the opportunity to reach people before they “write off religion”

The local church is the hope of the world

That’s why every BASIC chapter has a church sponsor—because we believe that the local church is essential to helping students grow in their faith. Utilizing existing local churches has a number of benefits:

Students learn to serve and belong in a local church, not just homogeneous student groups

A church can provide stability and maturity to a campus ministry as students come and go

Churches already have equipment, resources, and money to be used for reaching unbelievers for Christ

College students bring enthusiasm and excitement to church (just think of a college sports game!)

Some students will stay in the area for summers or after college and become core church members

Since 1981, our friends at BASIC have provided vision and practical tools to help our church reach out to the local campuses. The BASIC conferences have been a fantastic experience for students; they have consistently encouraged their love and devotion for Christ. Pastor Rick Sinclair, Christian Fellowship Center

Get started in 5 steps

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